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Posted by Aquabreeze - August 16th, 2013

So I've just uploaded my very first submission to Newgrounds... an audio submission. It's my first demo reel. I'm nervous, but excited, too. You can give it a listen at this link: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/546748

Posted by Aquabreeze - August 1st, 2011

I thought it might help some meta-gamers like myself to post how to get the medals in Hyptosis's instant classic, The Sagittarian 3.

Here's they are-

Bayou Billy- In "Gambling Fever", make it to the end. Find a rowboat and head for the gulf.

BFG N00b- In "Fuckin' 'Merica!!", blindly storm the Hands of Revelation's camp and get shot at from the guard tower.

Boob- Start the "Man in the Wilderness" version with Anna.

Cashews- In "Fuckin' 'Merica!!", get ambushed by the Hands of Revelation.

Fried Jesus- In the "Man in the Wilderness" version with Anna, after leaving the first biker guy to his doom, approach the Hostess truck and let Anna enter alone.

Haha!- In the "Man in the Wilderness" version with Anna, let the bikers take Anna and stalk the bikers. Watch as the bikers are attacked by zombies.

Hamberger- In "Fuckin' 'Merica!", take out the Hands of Revelation and make it to the end.

Headshot!- In "Fuckin' 'Merica!!", use a sniper rifle to take out a Hands of Revelation nutball in a tower.

Heavy- In the "Man in the Wilderness" version with Anna, shoot up the fat zombie you encounter around the Hostess truck.

Motorhead- Dive in the river when you see the watercraft and get hit by the propeller.

Oh no!- In "Fuckin' 'Merica!!", watch Shane get killed by a sniper! Whoo-hoo!

Popular Mechanics- In the "Man in the Wilderness" version with Anna, get the Armored Car at the Wil-Mart.

PyroNecro- In "Fuckin' 'Merica!!", burn the Zombies in an old townhouse and discover that Sage is a pyro.

Santacide- In the "Man in the Wilderness" version with Anna, make it to the Wil-Mart and throw out the Santa statue.

Shane- In "Gambling Fever", let Shane take watch. It ends badly, of course.

Shooter- In the "Man in the Wilderness" version with Anna, watch the situation in front of the Wil-Mart from the roof.

These Bikers Suck- In the solo "Man in the Wilderness" version, shoot the first guy you see while exploring, and then hide when the bikers show up. They burn you alive. Yay.

Thunderdome- In the "Fuckin' 'Merica!!" version, die in the Pit of Judgement while the Hands of Revelation watch.

Tough Guy- In the "Man in the Wilderness" version with Anna, try to bargain with the bikers, and get torn up by Sly. Fun stuff, right?

Woo- In the "Man in the Wilderness" version with Anna, save Anna from the Bikers and ride off into the sunset.

Whoa, whoa- In the "Fuckin' 'Merica!!" version, burn the zombie bodies in a pit.

Hope it helps! Happy gaming!

Posted by Aquabreeze - July 7th, 2011

So, if you haven't heard of Bluebaby(also known as Edmund MacMillen)'s seriously awesome game Time Fcuk, then first of all go play it before you do anything else.

Have you played it?


So one of the most awesome things about this game is that you can make and post your own levels to Newgrounds using the in-game level editor. And I made a few levels. Try them, rate them, let me know what you think! Type the tracking numbers below in the "load level by number" slot in the "explore" tab in the game to play them. Good luck, and have fun!

Centrifical: 52580

Creeper: 545657

Crunch Time: 527133

Don't Jump: 500857

Excavation: 66835

Indiana: 66875

Rise: 440370

Templar: 66885

If I make more levels, I'll put their tracking numbers in this post. Go forth and play!

Happy gaming,

Zoe, aka Aquabreeze